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Lumidee Cedeño (born October 13, 1984) is an American singer-songwriter and rapper. Cedeño was born in East Harlem where she was raised by her grandparents. She quickly rose to fame in 2003 with the release of her song "Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)", which reached the top ten in over ten countries and number one in several European countries.2003–2006: Almost FamousShe signed with Universal Records, where she released her debut album called Almost Famous on June 24, 2003. Her debut single, "Never Leave You", peaked at number 3 in the United States and number 2 in the United Kingdom, but it was her only hit until the 2007 release of "She's Like The Wind." According to Nielsen SoundScan, Almost Famous sold 276,000 copies in the U.S.For the next few years, Lumidee was not in the mainstream music industry in the US, instead veering more towards reggaeton and dancehall music. After her hit single "Never Leave You" faded, Lumidee went overseas to continue her musical career in Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands. She released "Grimey Streets" in 2004, which was a mixtape consisting of new material, freestyles and tracks from Almost Famous. Lumidee was also featured on several tracks in this area, having moderate success in Europe. However, due to her debut single being her only big hit to date, she was placed in the one-hit wonder category.In 2006, Lumidee released a song for the FIFA World Cup album soundtrack entitled "Dance!". It featured a sample of the Whitney Houston track, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." The song was a club hit in the most of Europe, successfully entering the charts in the countries where it was officially released. Summer of 2006 Lumidee was feature on Frankie Cutlass 2006 Remix of his classic club hit anthem "Puerto Rico" Featuring Joell Ortiz, Voltio, and Yomo Toro.2007: UnexpectedFor the New York branch, Cedeño was named youth ambassador of the Arthritis Foundation’s arthritis walk in 2007. On April 17, she released her second album called Unexpected, which was released under TVT Records. In an interview with Vibe, Lumidee spoke about signing with TVT Records stating, "TVT Records is the perfect way for me to come back and again I'm coming out of left field, just like with Never Leave You. Nobody ever thought of me coming back on a street credible label like TVT ... Actually, nobody ever thought of me really even coming back, period." The U.S. single, "She's Like the Wind", peaked at 43, but it was not released in Europe. There, the label released the single "Crazy" featuring Pitbull which had moderate chart success in Germany, Austria and the UK. Lumidee made an appearance on MTV Cribs, showing her New Jersey home, which aired on August 6, 2007.2009–presentOn May 13, 2009, Lumidee released a mixtape called I'm Up, Vol. 1 from her label, Logy Music Entertainment. In late 2009, Lumidee worked on another mixtape entitled Luminadee, which was released exclusively on in early January 2010. Lumidee was working on an album which was set to be released sometime in 2010, but did not materialize. In 2011, she appeared in a re-work of Remady's dance hit "No Superstar". In 2011, she collaborated with rapper Somaya Reece on the single "Dale Mami". The video debuted on Mun2's "Urban Tip" on January 11, 2012. Universal Australia, Toughstuff Germany & Sony Scandinavia signed 'Ring My Bell' (Michael Fall Feat. Lumidee, Rick Elback & Aziza) for release in 2014.


Hot tracks

Lumidee - Never Leave You - uh ooh, uh oooh!

Never Leave You - uh ooh, uh oooh!


Goleo VI Presents Lumidee Vs. Fatman Scoop - Dance! (Radio Edit)

Dance! (Radio Edit)


Fatman Scoop - Lumidee - Dance



Lumidee - Crazy (Radio Edit)

Crazy (Radio Edit)


Speedy Feat. Lumidee - Sientelo



Juan Magan - Lumidee - Mariah (You Know I Want You)

Mariah (You Know I Want You)


Lumidee Feat. Pitbull - Crazy



Lumidee - Passin' Thru

Passin' Thru


Lumidee - Stuck On You

Stuck On You


Lumidee - I'm Up

I'm Up


Lumidee - Honestly



Lumidee Feat. Snoop Dogg - In It For The Money

In It For The Money


Lumidee - Cute Boy

Cute Boy