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Novastar is the band of singer-songwriter Joost Zweegers. Novastar won Humo's Rock Rally in 1996, but it took them 4 years to release the debut album Novastar (2000). Another 4 years passed before the long expected second album Another Lonely Soul was released. It was produced by Piet Goddaer (better known as Ozark Henry), another famous belgian musician and a friend of Joost's. Novastar released its third album Almost Bangor in September 2008. The first singles of the album are Mars Needs Woman (in Belgium) and Because (in The Netherlands).

Albums Novastar

10 played on Radionomy

  • Wings On Me

  • Tunnelvision (Greg Haver Remix)

  • Because

  • Tunnelvision

  • Almost Bangor

  • Mars Needs Woman

  • Another Lonely Soul

  • Never Back Down

  • Novastar

  • Wrong