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There are at least three artists with this name: 1) a black metal band from Canada. Playing harsh, chaotic, and fast Black Metal with overt themes of satanism, death, perversity, occultism, and nazism. Formed in 1993, Lust released material from 1997 - 2005. Formerly a three piece with Genocide Lord on bass and Inferno on drums, Lust has been a solo project of Sabazios Diabolus since the turn of the milenium. The project is currently "on-hold."

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Toutes les chansons originales ou prétées des films des 50 dernières années et tous les grands thèmes du cinéma et serie tv sont sur SOUNDTRACK STATION. Avec en plus quelques remixes et bootleg autour du cinema viennent s ajouter à la programmation temporairement....

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