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Kira Neris

Kira Neris

Based in Lyon, the man behind the Kira Neris project is a truly unique individual. Motivated by an absolute passion and desire for all things radio and music related from the age of 11, it was inevitable that one day he would produce his own creative masterpiece full of the influences of his formative years. Having explored most genres and styles, from a brief affair with Rock to a longer relationship with House and Dance music, Jazz and Classic Groove are now his regular partners in producing what is without doubt original and captivating music. Having been influenced by the early French radio days of Dimitri from Paris and the Skyrock nights along with an equal love for the sounds of Rickster and Joe Smooth amongst others, he eventually stumbled across the legendary tastemaker Gilles Peterson who opened up a whole new sonic world to him, which as he puts it ‘caused a radical change' in his relationship with music, all thanks to The Cinematic Orchestra's ‘Motion' album in 1999. These shows particularly provided the opportunity for him to discover old school tracks, persuading him to ‘go back to these roots'. He developed a passion for finding good samples and taking an approach of spontaneous self-expression, rather than working to strict theoretical concepts, he compiled a vast and comprehensive library of minidiscs containing over 4000 samples from which he crafts his beautiful soundscapes using only an Akai S20. Inspired by the character from Star Trek Deep Space 9, he took the name ‘Kira Neris' finding that there was a co-relation between his music's thought provoking melancholy and the character's complex personality. He continues to challenge himself by working on a range of diverse musical projects, constantly finding new inspiration in artists like Prefuse 73, Jelinek, Herbert, Theo Parrish, 3 Chairs and Moodymann. "Incredible new jazz music" - Gilles Peterson "Lovely album - beautifully done" - Patrick Forge "A big big album from a very exciting artist" - Dom Servini, Straight No Chaser "What a cracking find - a stunning debut" - Simon Harrison Basic Soul "Spellbinding - a set of depth & beauty" - Sammy Goulbourne New Style RadioDelightful work from Kira Neris — a set that's got a bit more subtlety than some of its contemporaries, and a deeper, lusher sound at times too! The record's an assemblage of jazzy influences — not really in a downtempo mode, but not in a club jazz one either — instead, a bit like the soundscapes of Cinematic Orchestra or Chris Bowden at times — but with a more personal feel overall! Most tunes are well written and thought out — not just happy accidents of beats and samples, but warmly composed numbers that have a great sense of soul and a real instrumental sensitivity. June Christy appears to be doing some uncredited vocal work on one track — thanks to the miracle of sampling — and other vocals seem to be sampled too, but the overall focus here is mostly instrumental. Titles include "With All His Might", "Open Doors", "Through Dimensions", "Scampering", "Brak Peat", "Sweet Twilight", "Season 9 Episode 12", "Un Ete Sans Fin", and "Kira Neris Theme"


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Kira Neris - Open Doors

Open Doors