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Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is a Christian metal band from Wolfsburg, Germany, formed in 1989. Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Herbie Langhans, guitarist Florian Gottsleben, bassist Markus Beck, and drummer Mike Pflüger, Seventh Avenue plays a hybrid style of speed and power metal with the focus on melodies. The band launched a demo entitled First Strike in 1993 but the loss of their guitarist delayed their first album, Rainbowland, until 1995. They then signed with Treasure Hunt Records. Their first release on this label, Tales of Tales, topped at 18 on the Japanese heavy metal charts. The 1998 release, Southgate, was licensed to Megahard Records for release in Brazil, where the band subsequently toured. They have released 7 albums and an EP.They released two albums, Between The Worlds and Eternals, on Massacre Records, and released their seventh album titled Terium on that label in 2008.HistoryIn 1989 a few teenagers, inspired by heavy metal bands, began to make music themselves. A CD was released on a small label.Two years later the singer left the band and, then only seventeen, then guitarist Herbie Langhans took the place as a singer. Because of the change in the band, they began to think about a new name. "Seventh Avenue" was chosen in a mutual agreement.In 1993 they released their first demo First Strike. The demo was far more successful than expected. Therefore, a number of live concerts followed.A year later they were planning their new album Rainbowland. However, because of inner problems in the band, the release was delayed. The second guitarist suddenly left the band. Therefore, Herbie started to also play guitar. After a few months the album was nonetheless released, again with a great success. 1996, the band signed a contract for two albums with Treasure Hunt Records. Immediately they started with the recording on their next album Tales of Tales. With this album, they reached the 18th position at the Japanese heavy metal charts. In 1997 the drummer Louis Schock left the band. Mike Pflüger took his place. Andi Gutjahr was hired as a guest musician for the album Southgate which was published in 1998.In 1999 William Hieb also left the band. So Herbie and Mike stood alone. But a short time later they found another bassist and someone for the second guitar, namely Geronimo Stade and Florian Gottsleben. After a short time, the recording was followed by several concerts. As in Brazil, the band achieved remarkable popularity which bought the label Mega Hard Records the licensing rights for South America on the albums so that they are the albums directly available in Brazil.At the end of 2001, Seventh Avenue began the recordings for the album Between the Worlds. In September 2002 the band broke into a tour to Brazil where they played so-called "WMetal Concerts," and was organized by Mega Hard Records. Back in Germany Seventh Avenue signed a contract with the label Massacre Records, and in 2003 the album Between the Worlds and in 2004 its follow-up Eternals were published. The bassist Geronimo left the band and Markus Beck took his place.The album "Terium", their first concept album, was released on March 28, 2008 on Massacre Records and emphasizes the groups penchant for catchy choruses and memorable melodies while delivering an even heavier sound than previous releases.The band announced its end on September 4, 2012, through their website.Musical styleSeventh Avenue's music emphasizes on classic heavy metal styles, playing a hybrid of speed and power metal. Their music typically consists of fast double bass drums, melodic and epic lead guitar melodies and double guitar harmonies, and rousing, catchy vocals. Their music seldom contains keyboards currently, the instrument was more apparent in their past works.Their music can be considered christian metal, as it often draws its themes from the Bible.Related projectsHerbie Langhans and Andi Gutjahr, along with other members, produced a tribute album in 1998 entitled A Tribute to the Past under the name Treasure Seeker. The album highlighted the bands' influences including Bloodgood, Stryper, and Bride.As of 2010, Herbie Langhans was included in the project Sinbreed with members of Blind Guardian, Redkey, and Ayreon.


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