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(Producer/DJ name 'Gusto') I'm working with some talented musicians and vocalists producing Electro/House and Downtempo tunes. Its all produced and recorded in my home studio.Im looking to work with other artists in producing new tracks. I love doing loads of different styles though especially like the mix of accoustic and electronic sounds. Ranging from Influences in Latin/Spanish sounds to Jazz and filled with electronic sounds, real playing and sampling. I'm happy to record and produce others that I believe in with their tunes so feel free to msg me, send me a demo or voice your ideas! :)I also DJ alot and love a mix of popular tracks as well as my own tracks and remixes. While Djing I use a Laptop with Torq rewired into Ableton all synced up with controllers allowing me to remix and edit arrangements on the fly.I'm mainly concerned with getting music out there and giving as many people as possible the opportunity to download music if they enjoy it. Ive been recording/writing/playing/producing/Djing on anything I could get my hands on for about 15 years now.Equipment used In the Studio : Access Virus B, Marshall JMP 100 Amplifier, Rode microphones, Mackie ONYX, Tannoy monitors, Admira Spanish Guitar, Maton steel string guitar, Fender Telecaster, XioSynth Keyboard, Korg Electribe ESX Samlpler/Drum machine, Nuendo 4. Lots of plugins etcFeel free to add me to msn at or Facebook at the same address.


Hot tracks

Maxence Cyrin - Disco's Revenge

Disco's Revenge


Gusto - Disco' S Revenge

Disco' S Revenge


Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Freemasons Radio Edit)

Disco's Revenge (Freemasons Radio Edit)


Stefano Noferini - Disco Revenge

Disco Revenge