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Remy Zero

HistoryBefore Remy Zero had released any full length albums, Radiohead found their demo tape and invited them to be part of the US tour for The Bends.
After that, the band moved from Alabama to Los Angeles to record their first album.Remy Zero's first album, self-titled, drew from these experiences and received little recognition or sales.
The subsequent album Villa Elaine caused them to be praised as "the next big thing".
Villa Elaine was recorded when the band was living in an apartment of the same name in Hollywood.
Remy Zero's third album The Golden Hum was also received well.
A 50 second version of the song "Save Me" from The Golden Hum was used as the theme song for WB/CW's Smallville during its ten season run.
Remy Zero's music has also been on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show.
Remy Zero's song "Shattered" was used in the films Crazy/Beautiful and Suicide Kings.
"Fair" from Villa Elaine was used in the films Garden State and Fanboys, "Prophecy" was used in She's All That, The Last Kiss, "Gramarye" was used in the film Stigmata, and "Perfect Memory" was used in the film The Invisible and the last episode of Smallville's first season (where the band guest starred on screen and played.
They played 'Save Me' as well).
Director Bill Draheim documented the making of "Save Me".
Save Me from my Half- Life Drive is the result of that edited EPK footage.
Remy Zero recorded a version of Art Garfunkel's song "Bright Eyes" for the 2002 album "For the Kids."Remy Zero broke up after making The Golden Hum and many of its members went on to join new bands.
Shelby and Cinjun Tate created Spartan Fidelity, Jeffrey Cain joined Isidore and later created Dead Snares; Cedric LeMoyne toured with Alanis Morissette's band before joining O+S.
Gregory Slay created Sleepwell.Drummer Gregory Slay died on January 1, 2010, aged 40, of complications from cystic fibrosis.On May 22, 2010, Remy Zero played their first show together in eight years as a tribute to Gregory in New Orleans, the town where he was born.
The show was a great experience for the band as well as for a large turnout of fans.
The band then planned for more shows that would be played in October.The band also released a new single called "'Til The End" on the label popantipop, which was released on iTunes on September 7, 2010.
The single was released to modern rock radio between the days of September 13 to 19, according to October 7 to 12 2010, Remy Zero performed in memory of their drummer.
The venues were at Dante’s in Portland, Oregon, The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, Washington, Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, and in Spaceland in Los Angeles, California.
It was confirmed via the band's Twitter that these shows would be the final word from the band.


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