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Beck Hansen (born Bek David Campbell, July 8, 1970) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Beck's music is known for its pop-junk culture collage of musical styles, ironic lyrics, samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and heady sound effects. Beck was born in Los Angeles, California, to David Campbell (a musician and son of a Presbyterian minister) and Bibbe Hansen (a former dancer for The Velvet Underground, founding member of the satirical band Black Fag, and visual artist).

Albums Beck

39 played on Radionomy

  • One Foot In The Grave

  • Modern Guilt

  • Odelay - Deluxe Edition

  • Mutations

  • Timebomb

  • Sea Change

  • The Information

  • Hell Yes

  • Guerolito

  • Remix EP #1

  • Guero

  • A Brief Overview

  • E-Pro

  • Gameboy Variations (Hell Yes EP)

  • Odelay

  • Mellow Gold

  • Midnite Vultures

  • Mutations (International)

  • Stray Blues: A Collection of B-sides

  • Mixed Bizness

  • Nobody's Fault But My Own

  • Golden Feelings

  • Tropicalia

  • The Mutations Conversations

  • The New Pollution

  • Deadweight

  • Jack-Ass

  • A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight

  • Beercan

  • Loser

  • Stereopathetic Soulmanure

  • Golden Leftovers

  • Don't Get Bent Out of Shape

  • Banjo Story

  • Select Magazine: Beck Special

  • 2002-11-12 Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX, USA

  • Midnight Vultures

  • Outtakes and Oddities

  • Stereopathetic Soul Manure