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"There is simply a boundry to how big a doze of rock n' roll cliches that most can be treated" is build on attitude, clich├ęs and a LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL-atmosphere, leaving no room for arrogance. Rock n roll is about having a hell of a time and forgetting about all the kinds of shit out there.At first SNAKEBITE was a solo project but has over the years become a 5 man band, still with singer "Snakebite" writing the songs and holding the robes. On the first demo The Only Way To Ride (2007) they we're only 3 members, Handsome Thomas and Stoopid Niels on the guitars (still fighting for the solos) and Snakebite doing the vocals, drums, bass, harmonica and western guitar. This crew still stands but there have been some quiet times when people drop out or get fired, but now with Michael The Beast on the drums and Anders Harvest on the bass the team is set and fired up!The music has developed some from hard rock with a twist of western to a more genuine, thorough and aggressive hard rock style, still with a ballad or 2. But when the first demo had 2 wild songs and 2 ballads- In 2009 the EP "Rock n Roll Institution" was released, containing 3 wild, rock n' roll, "all the cliches" - songs, and these have shown where Snakebite and The Biten stand today. In 2010 the band will be recording 5 bran new songs.So rock n roll is dead? Forget about it! SNAKEBITE does the old school "on the road" rock and brings the heavy sound and some nasty throat into it, and the road goes ever on...And by the way - NO FUCKIN' KEYBOARDS!


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