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Kassav' (Antillean Creole for a local dish made from cassava root) is a Caribbean zouk and mostly compas music band formed in Paris in 1979. The core members of the band are Jocelyne Béroard, Jacob Desvarieux, Jean-Philippe Marthély, Patrick St. Eloi, Jean-Claude Naimro, Claude Vamur and Georges Décimus (who left to form Volte Face and returned). Kassav' have issued over 20 albums, with a further 12 solo albums by band members.The music of Kassav is an extention of cadence-lypso or compas bands such as Grammacks, Exile One and Experience 7, pioneers of modern creole music in the 1970's.CurrentKeyboards: Philippe Joseph (1994–present)Drums: Hervé Laval (2009–present)Saxophones: Claude Pironneau (1999–present)Trumpets:Freddy Hovsepian (1982–present)Fabrice Adam (1994–present)Trombone: Hamid Belhocine (1982–present)Backing vocals: Marie-Céline Chroné et Marie-Josée GibonPastDrums: Claude Vamur (Temporarily replaced by Hervé Laval, although Vamur did not leave the group)Percussion: César DurcinSaxophones: Claude ThirifaysTrumpets: Jean-Pierre RamirezTrombone: Claude RomanoBacking vocals: Catherine LaupaKeyboards: Douglas M BidaBass: Frédéric Caracas, Guy n Sangué et Stéphane CastryVocals: Patrick Saint Eloi 1982 - 2002 (died 18 September 2010)GuestsVocals: Zouk Machine, Jean Luc Guanel, Princess Lover, Tanya Saint Val, Shoubou, Philippe Lavil, Daly, Passi, Tony Chasseur, Jocelyne Labylle, Tribal Jam, Ralph Thamar.Backing Vocals: Claudine Pennont, Suzy Trébeau, Sylvie Aïoun, Jean-Jacques SebaDrums: Jean-Philippe Fanfant, José Zébina, Jérome CastryPercussion: Dédé Saint Prix, Albert VigneKeyboards: Ronald Tulle, Thierry Vaton, Didier DavidasGuitars: Thierry Delannay, Rico Loza, Jean Christophe MaillardSaxophones: Allen Hoist, Alain Hatot, Bruno Ribeira


Hot tracks

Kassav' - Syé Bwa

Syé Bwa


Kassav' - Ba Nou Zouk La

Ba Nou Zouk La


Kassav' - Sé Dam' Bonjou

Sé Dam' Bonjou


Kassav' - Apré Zouk La (After Zouk)

Apré Zouk La (After Zouk)


Kassav' - Zouk La Sé Sél Médikaman Nou Ni

Zouk La Sé Sél Médikaman Nou Ni


Georges Décimus Et Kassav' - Carnaval