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Eddy Wally

Eddy Wally

General informationAs a crooner and showman, Eddy Wally has toured worldwide, from China, to Australia, all of Europe and the United States, and even 24 tour dates in 1979 within the former USSR.Wally is most known for his songs "Chérie", which became a double-platinum hit. Wally is also known for "Ik spring uit een vliegmachien" ("I'll jump out of an aeroplane"), and "Dans Mi Amor".Attire and cultural iconographyOn stage and off, Wally usually wears flashy, shiny, expensive outfits, characterized by a camp and kitsch style reminiscent of Liberace. In 2004, Eddy Wally's extreme wardrobe was acquired by the Stedelijk Modemuseum van Hasselt, and was shown under the title "Eddy Wally's Geweldige Garderobe". The show consisted of 115 custom made outfits, each valued up to $5,300 apiece.In October 2009, famed Belgian artist Kamagurka proclaimed:BackgroundEddy Wally started as a salesman on markets selling handbags and became popular in the 1960s, after his association with Dutch producer Johnny Hoes. He even had his own disco "Chérie-Paris Las Vegas", first known as "Eddy Wally's Texas Bar".Eddy Wally used to be a regular feature on the UK television programme Eurotrash, mostly due to his name and obscure dress sense.AsteroidA main-belt asteroid is named after Eddy Wally (9205 Eddywally). It is in orbit around the sun between mars and jupiter.


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daar mag je alleen naar kijken