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The Mem sound is characterized by soaring melodies and lush musical textures. With a newly-released debut album, "A Peek At Heaven Through Square Binoculars", and an exuberant live presence, the band is headed feet-first to the top. Mem's musical style has changed significantly over the last three years. Having previously released two very electic EPs in "Equilibrium" (2004) and "5 to 6" (2005), mem have once again reinvented themselves with the refreshing take on lo-fi indie pop featured on their debut LP.

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~~~° LE SON DU FRAG °~~~ Accros de la console, Airsoft, Paintball, Laser Tag et autres Fps... Fragsound est là pour monter vos stats. Une programmation Techno, Jump, Hardstyle, Trance, ...pour un max de Frag entre les oreilles.

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Toute la journée, le son Dancefloor vous rythme et vous accompagne. Retrouvez le soir 03 heures de mix Electro non stop. All day long, the sound Dancefloor gives rhythm to you and accompanies you. Find the evening 03 hours of non-stop Electro mix. WebSite :

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L'electro choc dans l'Yonne ! La sélection des meilleurs sons electro/dancefloor sur votre nouvelle radio Icaunaise.

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DJLoRrIs WebRadio

100% musiques Electro, Techno,... du moment

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