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Three drop dead gorgeous and young Russian ladies bouncing around in bikinis singing a deliciously sexy dance floor anthem meant to stay stuck in your head for days (and nights) on end. It sounds too good to be true, right? Is this just a dream? (Tell us it isn't!) We promise it isn't.Meet Serebro.Now, "Serebro", for those of you who aren't Russian scholars, means "Silver", and boy do Olga, Elena, and Dasha shine. The girls just released a worldwide hit entitled "Mi Mi Mi", which racked up over 23 million (Oh My!) views on YouTube with its Spring Breakers-esque clip. However, America's about to join the party—thank God or Mother Russia! Serebro officially inked a deal with Casablanca Records and Republic Records in late 2013 to release the single stateside, and the real fun is beginning."Mi Mi Mi" has something for everybody. It's got a buoyant beat, irresistible chorus, and raw sex appeal. Pop music is about to get a whole lot hotter.Everybody else is on this secret already as the girls have reached superstar status all over the globe with platinum records and nearly a billion cumulative views online. The U.S. is catching up at just the right time though. Everybody will be chanting "Mi Mi Mi" soon. That's no dream. That's the damn truth.


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Serebro - Mama Lover

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Serebro - Mama Lover - Mama Luba

Mama Lover - Mama Luba


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Serebro - Mi Mi Mi

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Serebro - Mama Lover

Mama Lover