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As the group Sono, Lennart A. Salomon, Florian Sikorski and Martin Weiland polish synthie pop until it gleams, sprucing it up for the third millennium. In their Hamburg studio, where international mainstream hits are usually mixed, forthright megalomania is the gas pedal and false modesty the brake. Why? For pop to sound great, it has to be thought of on a grand scale. If music is also supposed to be understood as language, then Sono speaks Esperanto. In German Sono simply means “Klang” (sound, tone) – perhaps only an onomatopoeic coincidence, but perhaps also a promise.

Albums Sono

10 played on Radionomy

  • Panoramic View

  • Off

  • A New Cage

  • Since You're Gone

  • Solid State

  • 2000 Guns

  • Blame

  • Keep Control

  • Keep Control (disc 1)

  • Keep Control: New Edition