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Starflam is a Belgian hip hop group from Liège in the frenchspeaking southeastern part of Belgium - Walloon. The group started out in the early 1990s under the name H-Posse with members DJ Mig One, Fred'Alabas, SEG and Balo (Baloji). When a few years later Akro and Mista R. from Brussels join them they change the name to Malfrats Linguistiques (linguistic gangster). Mista R. later left the group to go to France and is replaced by Kaer and Pavé, 2 rappers from Liège. They changed their name again, now to Starflam (anagram of Malfrats).

Albums Starflam

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  • Survivant

  • Donne-Moi de L'amour

  • Starflam