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The Clash


The Clash were a band from London, England, active from 1976 to 1985. One of the most successful and iconic bands from the first wave of punk in the 1970s, they incorporated , , , and eventually many other music styles into their repertoire. They were legendary for their uncommonly intense stage performances. From their earliest days as a band, The Clash stood apart from their peers with their musicianship, as well as their lyrics; the passionate...

Albums The Clash

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  • Give 'Em Enough Rope

  • Live at Shea Stadium

  • The Essential Clash (disc 2)

  • The Essential Clash (disc 1)

  • Cut the Crap

  • Rockers Galore

  • From Here to Eternity Live

  • Super Black Market Clash

  • Clash on Broadway (disc 2)

  • Clash on Broadway (disc 1)

  • Clash on Broadway (disc 3)

  • Rock the Casbah

  • The Story of the Clash, Volume 1 (disc 1)

  • The Story of the Clash, Volume 1 (disc 2)

  • Combat Rock

  • The Singles

  • Sandinista! (disc 2)

  • Sandinista! (disc 1)

  • London Calling

  • Black Market Clash

  • The Clash