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Sacred Steel

Sacred Steel

1997 - Reborn In SteelMetal Reigns SupremeBattle AngelTrapped In HellTrue Force Of Iron GloryReborn In SteelPurified By PainSword Of The KingIn The Mouth Of MadnessKill The DeceiverSacred Steel1998 - Wargods Of MetalBlessed By The GodsWargods Of MetalTonight The Witches RideIron LegionsCarnage Rules The Fields Of DeathArmy Of MetalheadsBattle CryDethrone The Tyrant KingBy Steel We RuleCrusaders Of The Metal BladeEmpire Of SteelDeclaration Of WarHeavy Metal To The End2000 - BloodlustStormhammerThe Oath Of BloodBy The Wrath Of The UnbornBlood On My SteelMetal Is WarJourney To The City Of The Dreaming Dead [Vinyl Bonus\]Sacred Warriors Of SteelDark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone GateMaster Of Thy FateLust For BloodThrone Of Metal2002 - Slaughter ProphecyThe Immortal CurseSlaughter Prophecy (Vengeance For The Dead)Sacred Bloody SteelThe Rites Of SacrificeRaise The Metal FistPagan HeartFaces Of The AntichristLay Me To My GraveCrush The Holy, Save The Damned [Bonus Track\]Let The Witches BurnInvocation Of The Nameless Ones2004 - Iron BlessingsOpen Wide The GateYour Darkest SaviourScreams Of The TorturedAt The Sabbat Of The Possessed (The Witches Ride Again)Beneath The Iron HandAnointed By BloodshedVictory Of Black SteelI Am The Conqueror (Come And Worship Me)Crucified In HeavenThe Chains Of The NazareneWe Die Fighting2006 - Live Blessings (Live-2CD+DVD)Blessed By The Gods (Intro)Open Wide The GateTonight The Witches RideBattle AngelFaces Of The AntichristVictory Of Black SteelCarnage Rules The Fields Of DeathThe Rites Of SacrificeDark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone GateSword Of The KingStormhammerMetal Is WarMaster Of Thy FateTrue Force Of Iron GlorySacred Bloody SteelWe Die FightinhgBlood On My SteelHeavy Metal To The EndSlaughter ProphecyBattle CryWargods Of Metal2006 - Hammer Of DestructionHammer Of DestructionWhere Demons Dare To TreadManiacs Of SpeedBlood And ThunderImpaled By MetalDescent Of A Lost SoulBlack ChurchGenerally Hostile (Jag Panzer Cover)Plague Of TerrorSword And AxesThe Torch Of Sin2006 - Hammer Of Destruction (Bonus CD)Pounding Inferno (brand new song)Children Of The Spirit (brand new song)Hell Insanity (brand new song)Unholy Majesty (brand new song)A Curse Upon Your Name (B-Side from Open Wide The Gate 7")Iron Blessing (from Split 7" with Wizzard)Zombie Ritual (Death Coverversion, never officially released)All For One (Raven Coverversion, brand new recording)Metal Knights (Nasty Savage Coverversion, brand new recording)(Empty) Tankard (Tankard Coverversion, brand new recording)2009 - Carnage VictoryCharge Into OverkillDon’t Break The OathCarnage VictoryBroken RitesCrosses Stained With BloodCeremonial Magician Of The Left Hand PathThe Skeleton KeyShadows Of ReprisalDenial Of Judas (Heaven Betrayed)Metal UndergroundBy Vengeance And Hatred We RideThe Bonus DVD contains a full concert of Queens Of Metal 2009, a Studio report and one live clip from Summer Breeze 2009 Produced by Sacred Steel. Recorded and engineered by Christian Schmid at Music Factory Studio Kempten, Germany, August/September 2008 Mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler at Indiscreet Audio Studio 2009Spoken Prayer on “Broken Rites”, vocals on “Shadows Of Reprisal” and additional lead vocals on “Metal Underground” by R.D. Liapakis.Cover Artwork by Péter Sallai Booklet Illustration by Timo Würz Photos by Bianca Hahn2013 - The Bloodshed SummoningStorm Of Fire 1916No God / No ReligionWhen The Siren CallsThe Darkness Of AngelsThe Bloodshed SummoningUnder The Banner Of BlasphemyBlack TowersCrypts Of The FallenThe Night They Came To KillJoin The CongregationJourney Into PurgatoryDoomed To Eternal HellPerversions Of The Scriptures (Bonus Track)Unbinding The Chains (Bonus Track)Dig Up Her Bones (Bonus Track)


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