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Pierre Perret


Pierre Perret (born July 9, 1934 in Castelsarrasin), is a French singer and composer. Pierre Perret resides in the city of Nangis. He spent a long part of his childhood in the café which his parents owned, where he learned work jargon and slang. At the age of 14 he signed up to the conservatoire de musique de Toulouse and to a dramatic arts institute. In the mean time, he set up his first band of 4 musicians in his own name, with whom he played at events throughout the region. In 1957, he was snapped up by Eddie Barclay who signed him on.

Albums Pierre Perret

18 played on Radionomy

  • Les Dieux Paillards

  • Pierrot chante pour les gamins, les marmots, les lardons, les galopins, les drôles, les mouflets...

  • Le Plaisir Des Dieux

  • Pierre Perret

  • Mélangez-vous

  • Le Monde De Pierrot

  • Du rire aux larmes

  • çui-là

  • La bête est revenue

  • Chansons Eroticoquines

  • Pierrot et les petites oubliées

  • Pierrot les enfants

  • Pierrot l'humour

  • Pierrot les Femmes

  • Pierrot l'amour

  • l'affreux jojo

  • La revolte

  • Pierrot la langue verte