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Wallachia is a one man band first and foremost, yet having always been helped out by various musicians to complete the recording sessions. In 1995 Wallachia emerged as a duo consisting of Lars Stavdal as composer and handling lead guitar, bass & vocals, while Eystein Garberg (now guitarist in Lumsk) took care of the programming, keys & rhythm guitar. 'Demo 1996' was self-released on tape format and caught the attention of French label Velvet Music International who put out the recording as the 'Wallachia' mcd in 1997. Wallachia signed a deal with VMI also for a full-length album, and in 1999 'From Behind The Light' was released in a limited pressing only, as the label disbanded shortly after its release. On the 1st album Lars was joined by two drummers, Lars Erik Vesterdal & Mikael Duna, who played on 4 songs each on this recording. After a long hiatus Wallachia re-released 'From Behind The Light' + demo as bonus in 2005 on cd format via US label Dark Horizon Records and also as tape format via Ukrainian label Nightbirds Rex, run by Roman Sayenko from the band Drudkh. In 2006 an instrumental pre-production was made for the 2nd album with good help from Polly from the Norwegian death metal band No Dawn. This lead further to getting in touch with Stefan Traunm├╝ller from the Austrian bands Golden Dawn & Sternenstaub, who offered to record and produce the album at his own Soundtempel Studio. In the fall of 2007 the drumtracks were nailed by Austrian drummer Thomas Kocher, and finally in the summer of 2008 the full recording session took place. Stefan did not only engineer, produce, mix and master the album, but also contributed with doing all the orchestrations on the album. In Spring 2009 'Ceremony Of Ascension' was released on German label Twilight Vertrieb. The album comes with a 16-page booklet with artwork and full design by Romanian artist Laura Sava. Wallachia are now currently recording the 3rd album for an autumn 2012 release. An instrumental pre-production sample can be found in the music player. More news will follow...


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