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Money Mark

Money Mark

Mark Ramos Nishita aka Money Mark (born 1960) is a producer and musician who has collaborated with the Beastie Boys on every album since 1992's "Check Your Head." Mark recently performed with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in "Stop the Virgens;" a psycho pop opera that brought together the crème of indie rock to the Sydney Opera House. Studio albumsMark's Keyboard Repair (1995, Mo' Wax)Push the Button (1998, Mo' Wax)Change is Coming (2001)Father Demo Square (2005, Rush! Production)Brand New By Tomorrow (2007, Brushfire Records)Stand Up For Your Rice! (2007, Rush! Production)Live albumsMark on the Mike (1998, Toy's Factory)Extended playsPerforming Chicken EP (1994, Fido Speaks Music/Love Kit Records)Legitimate Pop Songs? - Money Mark Live at Rough Trade (1996, Mo' Wax)Third Version EP (1996, Mo' Wax)Love Stains: A Demo (2002)Demo? Or Demolition? EP (2004, Chocolate Industries)Singles"Insects Are All Around Us" / "Cry" (1995)"Cry" (1995)"Hand in Your Head" (1998)"Maybe I'm Dead" (1998)"Burn Away" (2005)"Pick Up the Pieces" (2006)Compilations"Spiders" Dimension Mix: A Tribute to Dimension 5 Records - Eenie Meenie Records (2005)Releases on Mo' WaxMW 034 LP Mark's Keyboard Repair LPMW 090 Push The Button LPMW 090 LP Push The Button LP (One 12", One 10" & One 7")MW 032 Insects Are All Around Us / Cry 7"MW 036 Cry 12"MW 032 P Album Sampler 10"MW 043 DJ Third Version 7" (Promo)MW 043 MLP Third Version EP 10" (Mini Album)MW 044 Legitimate Pop Songs? - Money Mark Live At Rough Trade 7"MW 066 Hand In Your Head 12"MW 066 DJ Cry (Dust Brothers Remix) / Got My Hand In Your Head (New Mix) 10" (Promo)MW 066 DJ2 Hand In Your Head 12" (Promo)MW 089 Maybe I'm Dead 12"MW 089 DJ Maybe I'm Dead 12" (White Label Promo)MW 089 S Maybe I'm Dead 7" (Ltd 7" Shaped Chihuahua)Collaboration discographyCheck Your Head (1992)Ill Communication (1994)Hello Nasty (1998)The Mix-Up (2007)Banyan (1997)Please Heat This Eventually (2006)Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo (2007)Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch (2007)The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange (2007)Calibration (Is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far) (2007)Lejos. No tan Lejos (2010)Und Die Scheiße Ändert Sich Immer (2006)Before Gardens After Gardens (2012)Grand National (2007)Kids (2008)Robodancing (2008)Those Girls (2009)I'm With You (2011)Recharged (2012)


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