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RF is a musical moniker of Ryan Francesconi (b.1974 San Francisco), a multi-instrumentalist, media artist, and programmer in California. In his music, Francesconi blends organic instrumentation (voice, guitars, strings, horns, field recordings) with subtle glitchwork, pop sensibilities and his own software. The result is an intricate lattice where each sound, be it from a plucked string or a click of the mouse, is carefully and thoughtfully placed.

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Radio Filazantsara-Bonne Nouvelle-Good News

Radio Filazantsara dia fitoriana ny Vaovao Mahafaly sy Mahasoa ho famonjena ny olona rehetra izay mino ny asam-pamonjena nataon'i Jesosy Kristy. La Radio Filazantsara Bonne Nouvelle Good News est un outil permettant de répandre partout dans le monde, L'Evangile de Jésus-Christ. "Celui qui croira et qui se fera baptiser sera sauvé." (La Bible)

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