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Scred Connexion

Scred Connexion

Scred Connexion is a French rap collective launched in the 1990s composed by Fabe, Koma, Haroun, Mokless and Morad, with the assistance of Butch. Fabe decided to quit his rapping career in 2000 and quit the collective after releasing one additional solo album."Scred" originates from a track by collective member Koma in his first maxi Époque de fous and is verlan for discret (meaning discreet). The collective released six musical projects with each member keeping his independence and solo projects they worked on concurrently. The collective addressed many issues in French society becoming a militant band for social justice and change distinguishing itself with quality of text and being critical of superficial rappers and favoring more fundamental content, promoting the slogan "Jamais dans la tendance mais toujours dans la bonne direction", after a member of the formation, Fabe, launched it in his piece "Impertinent".Solo careers of members of the collectiveFabeFabe (born in 1971 Paris, France) is a French rapper from Barbès, a neighborhood of Paris. He was one of the most established of the members who already had a long list of releases. Fabe decided to quit his rapping career in 2000 and left the collective.1994: Je n'aime pas1994: Befa surprend ses frères1996: Lentement mais sûrement1996: Fais-moi du vent1996: Le fond et la forme1998: Détournement de son (FR: #33)2000: La rage de dire (FR: #59)He also had a charting single "Ça fait parti de mon passé" that reached #45 in France.Haroun2007: Sur scène (Maxi)2007: Au front2008: Le zonard (Maxi)KomaKoma is a rapper of Algerian origin from the 18th arrondissement of Paris. He grew up in Barbès.1997: Tout est calculé1999: Le réveilMoklessMokless (born in 1977) is a rapper of Tunisian origin from the 18th arrondissement; he too grew up in Barbès. He started MCing in 1996 before joining Scred Connexion.In 2012, Mokless got involved in a musical project with Guizmo and rapper Congolese-French Despo Rutti from that has resulted in the issue of the joint EP Jamais 2 sans 3 followed by the joint studio album Jamais 203. The three acts are touring France in promotion of the releases.2006: Coup de Maître2011: Le poids des mots (FR: #45)2013: Jamais 2 sans 3 (EP before the album)2013: Jamais 203MoradMorad (born in 1977), a French rapper of Algerian origin, is signed with Only Music.2010: Le bon vieux son2012: Le survivant


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