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The Free


There are at least two artists called 'The Free' 1- The Free was formed in 1994 by Felix J. Gauder and Olaf Roberto Bossi. Together with Charles Simmons, the frontman and singer of The Free; they composed and arranged their music in a high-tech home studio. They spent weeks composing and arranging intro, strophe, bridge and refrain so it should be a perfect rhythm, with groove and melody all in one piece. With meticulous detail work and with great enthusiasm the result was the typical The Free chart- and club compatible Euro-Pop-Housemusic style and also some sentimental Soul-ballads.

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Hi, you can listen our new radiostation in mp3 format, on your mobile too and you can listen the best music from 90 years..

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Dance-Basilband est la radio des fans des années Dance. Diffusion sans interruption des meilleurs tubes des années 1990/1996 avec des versions remixées au goût du jour.

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Techno Music Peru

Techno Eurodance de los 90s, Masterboy, Ice Mc, Real Mccoy, Mr President, capitan Hollywood, Corona, Playa Hitty, Culture Beat, La Boche, Snap, 2 Unlimited, y muchos otros grupos mas los podras encontrar en nuestra pagina y radio oficial:

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radio dedicada a la entretención y fanáticos de la música de la década de los 90s en su genero dance con una variada parrilla de tendencias con los grupos y artistas mas destacados e inéditos que se escucharon en aquella década.

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Radio DTO

Pop Rock, Kitch et décalée. Viens écouter + de 800 tubes des 70's aux 90's. DTO est une radio détente, pour faire le ménage, du bricolage, clavioté sur le web, ou au taf, elle t'accompagne sans te saoulé. Hip Hop et Dance 90 tous les soirs à partir de 21H

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Disco La Galaxie

Tous les tubes joués durant les soirées de la discomobile LA GALAXIE entre 1980 et 1997.

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90's VS 00's Dance Music... Techno, Trance, Dream Dance, Eurodance and much more! 24/7

Play this radio station Dance 90s Dance 90s plays Dance music from the 90s Visit our website for more more:

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