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born and raised in winnipeg to a chilean family , freestyling playing guitar and writing songs since the age of 6 , chico comes from a long line of worldwide famous musicians, his mother a singer guitarist who sat alongside famous singer Yaco Monti,his uncle was the 1985 champion of the Festival Vina Del Mar for creating the song Reina Del Tamarugal, and his greatgrandfather created the classic Norma Mia which is now sung in over 12 different languages, chico whose real name is Daniel dreams of one day performing at Vina Del Mar just like his grandparents before him, Daniel is a freelance writer, singer and songwriter and is currently attending the University of Winnipeg.


Hot tracks

Lord Kossity - Booty Call

Booty Call


Lord Kossity - Hotel Room

Hotel Room


Chico & The Gypsies - Me and Mrs Jones

Me and Mrs Jones