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Ysa Ferrer


Ysa Ferrer was born in Oran (Algeria). She was a teenager when she started to work for a local radio station in France. Very quickly, she moved to Paris and after only a few auditions, she was chosen to play one of the leading roles in a popular tv-series. At the same time, she also started to act in movies for the cinema. However Ysa knew that her real love was music. During her days off, she worked on demos. In 1995, she signed a deal with Universal Music France.

Albums Ysa Ferrer

15 played on Radionomy

  • Ultra Ferrer

  • French Kiss (Remixes)

  • French Kiss

  • D'Essences Naturelles

  • Last Zoom (Remixes)

  • Last Zoom (Dave Audé's Remix)

  • Imaginaire Pur (Reloaded)

  • Last Zoom

  • Sens Interdit

  • Imaginaire Pur

  • On Fait l'Amour

  • On Fait l'Amour (Remixes)

  • B World

  • Made in Japan - Remixes

  • Kamikaze