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K's Choice


K's Choice is a Belgian rock band from Antwerp. The band centers on siblings Sarah Bettens (lead vocals, guitar) and Gert Bettens (guitar, keyboard, vocals). They are joined by Eric Grossman (bass), Jan van Sichem Jr. (guitar) and Koen Liekens (drums). Their music can be described as guitar-based singer-songwriter rock or folk-rock. It ranges from very delicate and intimate singer-songwriter songs to songs that are stronger, more active and louder.

Albums K's Choice

14 played on Radionomy

  • 10

  • 10: 1993>2003: Ten Years Of

  • Almost Happy (disc 1)

  • K's Choice Live

  • Live (disc 1)

  • Live (disc 2)

  • Another Year

  • Almost Happy

  • Busy

  • Extra Cocoon (All Access)

  • Cocoon Crash

  • Paradise in Me

  • Great Subconscious Club

  • The Great Subconscious Club