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Zhi-Vago is a dreamhouse project consisting of the producers Claudio Mangione and Gottfried Engels (who also stands behind the project Bellini). They started with a track called With Or Without You, a cover version of the U2-song. But the U2 management forbade the version, considering there should not be a dance version of this song. The first succesful single was Celebrate the Love with vocals of Joan Wilson. It included a Radio version, an Over the clouds mix and a Club mix. It was released under the Edel sub-label Gang Go Music. A Remix Edition followed.

Albums Zhi-Vago

11 played on Radionomy

  • Dreamer

  • Club Rotation, Volume 18 (disc 2)

  • Dream Dance, Volume 5 (disc 1)

  • Bravo Hits 14 (disc 1)

  • Dream Dance, Volume 2 (disc 1)

  • Dance Mission, Volume 12

  • Dream Dance, Volume 1 (disc 1)

  • Bravo Hits 13 (disc 1)

  • Dream People

  • Dream Files

  • DJ Dance 96, Volume 5: Special Crazy Summer Edition