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20 Fingers

20 Fingers

20 Fingers is the name of an American musical group created by Charlie Babie and Manfred Mohr. They were popular in the early 1990s for producing a series of pop music, dance music and rap music songs, many of which were distinguished by their humorous and/or risque lyrics.1994-1996: Debut albumTheir first single, in 1994, was the controversial "Short Dick Man" featuring lead vocalist Gillette. The song was a hit all over the world, reaching the top 5 in several European countries, including Italy, Germany, and France (where the single reached number one for three weeks). It also reached number 14 in the U.S. and was considered a club success.20 Fingers also wrote and produced all the tracks on Gillette's debut album On the Attack which scored another hit with "Mr. Personality". Another single from this album is "You're a Dog". In Germany, "Mr. Personality" and "You're a Dog" were still credited under 20 Fingers featuring Gillette, as well as her album On the Attack, which was renamed On the Attack and More.Their second single was "Lick It" featuring vocalist Roula. It was another success in Europe and in clubs all around the world. In Sensation White Amsterdam 2009 there were remix with go-go dancers background.In 1995, "Short Dick Man" was re-released in the UK in its censored version, "Short Short Man", and remixed by Strike. This new version reached #11, whereas the original only reached #21 in the UK Singles Chart in 1994. "Lick It" reached #48 in the same chart. They also released their debut album 20 Fingers which had the peculiarity of featuring a different vocalist for almost each song.Their third single credited under the name 20 Fingers was "Sex Machine" featuring Katrina (Roxanne Dawn). It was another club hit but did not sell as well as its predecessors. Other songs from their album were released as singles, credited only under the name of the vocalist ("She Won't Know" by Dania, "Praying for an Angel" and "Holding on to Love" by Rochelle, "I'm in Love" by A' Lisa B). A "Megamix" of their first three hits was also released as a single in France only ("Megamix Explosion").Production creditsThey also produced the album of Max-A-Million entitled Take Your Time, the second album of Gillette, Shake Your Money Maker, and another single for Katrina called "Push, Push". A male-centered number, "Choke My Chicken", was a part of the catalog as well, performed by Babie and Mohr.Censorship20 Fingers are known for their occasionally sexually explicit lyrics, which has resulted in some songs being released in censored and uncensored versions ("Short Dick Man" is entitled "Short Short Man" in its censored version. "Lick It", similarly, had both edited and unedited versions released).


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