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Viktor Lazlo


Viktor Lazlo A stylish and sensual singer, Sonia Dronier became Viktor Lazlo when Belgian producer Francis Depryck discovered her and put together a package inspired by strong sexuality and black-and-white film. Born in Lorient, France, Dronier spent her college years studying and modeling in Brussels, Belgium. After she spent some time singing backup vocals in Depryck's band Lou & the Hollywood Bananas, the producer rounded up a set of nostalgic and noir-flavored songs and renamed her after a character in the Humphrey Bogart classic Casablanca.

Albums Viktor Lazlo

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  • Begin The Biguine

  • Loin De Paname

  • Canoë Rose/Pleurer des rivières

  • Back to Front

  • Sweet, Soft & Lazy

  • Hot & Soul