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Baby D

Baby D

CareerThe group was formed by Production House Records, a record label which had been set up in 1987 by former recording artist Phil Fearon, whose group Galaxy had had a number of hits in the 1980s. Involved with the rave scene, Production House's in-house record producer, Floyd Dyce, wrote and performed under several different names including The House Crew, DMS and Xstatic. Baby D were originally another outlet for his compositions, consisting of lead vocalist Dee Galdes-Fearon, Claudio Galdez on keyboards and windsynth and Terry Jones (stage name MC Nino) on vocals and keyboards.Dyce now runs his own record label, Redmaster, and still writes and produces, while Fearon still performs in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.Jones also co-wrote a #1 for Peter Andre, and re-mixed and produced for Eternal and the Backstreet Boys, as well as St. Etienne vocalist Sarah Cracknell.In 2000, a remix of "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (courtesy of the Trick or Treat production team), made the UK Top 20. In 2004, the track was also covered by Ashley Jade but, although it made #19 on the US Hot Dance Singles Sales chart, it did not make the main listing.In the summer of 2008, the band performed at the UK dance music festival, Global Gathering. They continue to perform on the club and festival circuit.Band personnelBaby D (Dee Fearon) – vocalsClaudio Galdez – keyboards, windsynthMC Nino (Terry Jones) – vocals, keyboardsFloyd Dyce – keyboards (left the group in 1993)


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Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Let Me Be Your Fantasy