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Terra (stylized as T??RA) is Konami's in-house rock and J-Pop group that composes music and soundtracks for Beatmania IIDX, Dance Dance Revolution, Pop'n Music, GuitarFreaks, and DrumMania. They debuted in Pop'n Music 8 with their song "Stars???". Their introduction in Konami's session simulation was "We Are" in GuitarFreaks 11th Mix & DrumMania 10th Mix. In Beatmania IIDX 10th Style, they were introduced into the DJ simulation series with the song "Doll". Since then, they've produced one song for each version of both IIDX and Gitado thereon, as well songs for the other active Bemani games. Their first album, Revolution was released on March 2005 and features longer versions of songs featured in the Bemani games, in addition to new songs.On September 30, 2009, Terra closed their official site. Both Naoki and Jun stated this was because they were far too busy focusing on projects to update the site.On September 7, 2011, Terra released their second album, Evolution. This album mainly features longer version of various Bemani songs including the solo version of ?????, one of their collaboration with Uchuu Sentai Noiz. The limited edition also contains a DVD which feature the PV of the album's main song, "Evolution".


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