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There are at least six known artist with the name, 'Lisa'. One is from Japan, the most known. One is from Korea, one is from Italia, one is from Taiwan, one is from France and one from Holland! 1) Elizabeth Sakura Narita (born 26 October 1974 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese-Colombian singer and producer better known as just LISA. In 1999 she formed together with VERBAL and Taku Takahashi the Japanese urban contemporary group m-flo.

Albums Lisa

20 played on Radionomy

  • Drôle de Creepie

  • Tomorrow

  • Showtime


  • Dagli Occhi Blu

  • Elizabeth

  • I, Rhythm

  • Melody Circus

  • Gratitude

  • GRATITUDE (disc 1)

  • GRATITUDE (disc 2)

  • So Beautiful

  • Will

  • Switch

  • Little Contest

  • My Dearest


  • Superstar

  • I'm all you

  • move on