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Raintime is a band from Pordenone, Italy, formed in 1999. Their style is a mixture of Progressive Metal and Extreme Metal genres such as Death and Black. They released "Tales from Sadness" in 2004 and "Flies & Lies" in 2007. Current Band Members: Matteo Di Bon (Guitar) Andrea Corona (Keyboards) Claudio Coassin (Vocals) Michele Colussi (Bass) Enrico Fabris (Drums) Luca Michael Martina (Guitar) Official website:

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Metal Invasion Radio

Du Hard Au Power,Du Heavy au Thrash,Du Gothique au Death,Du Metalcore au black,le tout dans une explosion de décibel,c'est sa Métal Invasion Radio ! From Hard To Power,From Heavy To Thrash,From Goth to Death and Black,it's that, Metal Invasion Radio !

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