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Urban Cookie Collective

Urban Cookie Collective

HistoryThe band was founded by Rohan Heath (born 19 July 1964), the son of Guyanese writer Roy Heath. He learned to play classical piano as a child before switching to the electric piano. He had previous experience with groups such as Yargo and Manchester DJ A Guy Called Gerald. Heath decided on a music career after abandoning a PhD at Vermont University. After a tour of Japan supporting the Happy Mondays, he left the band A Guy Called Gerald to work with rave band project Together. Heath went on to work with Jamaican reggae artist Eek-A-Mouse before concentrating on his new project, Urban Cookie Collective. He was the keyboardist, writer, and producer of their music.Heath wrote and produced their first hits, "The Key The Secret" and "Feels Like Heaven". He brought in vocalist Diane Charlemagne for many of the group's early tracks. She eventually co-wrote some of the songs and became a major part of the band. The other main members were Simon Bentall (born 17 October 1967), Peter Samson (born 15 May 1968), Johnny Jay, Mark Hadfield and Neil Claxton (later of Mint Royale). Guest rappers occasionally took part in the studio.The band caused some controversy in 1996 by recording a cover version of the Oasis song "Champagne Supernova". Noel Gallagher, one of the founding members of Oasis, claimed that he had not given permission and legal action stopped the track from being given a full release. The band still remain active, and currently tour fronted by singer Danielle Barnett.


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Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret

The Key, The Secret


U.C.C. - The Key, The Secret

The Key, The Secret


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