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DJ Picco started his career in 1998 by beginning "Avancada", who stormed the international songs with their song "Motherfucker Go!" and earned the Ibiza Music Award with this formation. Others projects of DJ Picco include A-Seven, Bass Inc and Activators. He introduced the Jump Style to Germany with his own creations called "It goes on and on" and "Jump all around". In the past few years DJ Picco remixed over 30 acts which included U96, Sash!, Bangbros, Central Seven, Master Blaster and the Baha Men's number one hit "Who let the dogs out".

Albums Picco

9 played on Radionomy

  • Clubland Vol. 4

  • Future Trance Vol. 49

  • Future Trance Vol. 45

  • Masters of Trance (disc 1)

  • Pimp My Bass (disc 2)

  • Hard Dance Mania, Volume 4 (disc 2)

  • Welcome to the Club, Volume 3 (Mixed by Klubbingman) (disc 1)

  • Future Trance, Volume 31 (disc 1)

  • Trance Voices, Volume 14 (disc 1)