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There are numerous artists with the name The Space Cadets: 1) The Space Cadets - a rockabilly band known through the mid-late 1990s. 2) The Space Cadets - a world music project by Aki Nawaz, Haq Nawaz Qureshi & Harri Kakoulli. Their sole output was the song "Stotinki" for the Nation Records compilation "Fuse II - World Dance Music" compilation. 3) The Space Cadets - a trance project by Chris Hampshire & John Weatherley.

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radio oldies and rock 'n' roll

This Thursday 24/4(Jeudi) 7h/8h 12h/13h 19h/20h BEST Of ROCKABILLY (HOWLIN JAWS/JAKE CALYPSO/ The MEGATONS/Crazy Cavan....

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