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Walter Beasley

Walter Beasley

Walter Beasley is an American saxophonist, a professor of music at the Berklee College of Music, and founder of Affable Publishing and Affable Records.DVDs


  • Sound Production for the Saxophone (Affable Publishing, 2003)
  • Hip-Hop Improvisation (Affable Publishing, 2003)
  • Circular Breathing with Walter Beasley
  • 14 Steps to Maximizing Your Performance (for Saxophonists)
  • Walter Beasley's Performance Workshop
  • Walter Beasley presents Vocal Performance
  • Improv Using Pentatonics
  • Performance Insight
  • Playing Blues
  • Resolution Warm-Up
  • Using Vibrato
  • Improvisations and Delivery Clinic


  • Live at Scullers (Affable Records, 2003)
  • Live in the Club (Walter Beasley, 2013)


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