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BiographyThey became famous in France when they issued in 1985 their first single, "Tchiki boum", which was followed in the summer 1986 by their second single, "L'amour à la plage". 200,000 copies of each single were sold in France, becoming both silver disc. Driven by exotic-looking Laporte's charisma and singing ability, the duo released their first album in 1986, Encore un dernier baiser which included their first two hits and a new single, "Je dois m'en aller". Their second and most popular release was the album Quel enfer in 1989 ; the video for the lightweight "Soleil d'hiver" received frequent airplay in Canada, leading to the group forming a following in North America. Also in 1989, their singles "J'ai vu" and "Pendant que les champs brûlent" became minor hits in central Europe.Niagara released two more albums: Religion in 1990 (which introduced a harder-edged sound to their music) and La Vérité in 1992 before the band (and the real-life couple of Laporte/Moreno-Chenevez) separated. Both musicians went on to solo careers. In 2002, a compilation entitled Flammes was released (also released as double CD and DVD), containing all the band's hits. It hit No. 1 for three weeks on the French Compilations Chart.


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Niagara - Je Dois M'en Aller

Je Dois M'en Aller


Niagara - L'Amour A La Plage

L'Amour A La Plage


Niagara - Tchiki Boum

Tchiki Boum


Niagara - Quand La Ville Dort

Quand La Ville Dort


Niagara - Assez !

Assez !