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Samurai Music is a drum and bass label owned and directed by New Zealander Geoff Wright aka DJ Presha. Since 2007 the label has released music from top kiwi artists including State Of Mind, The Upbeats, Cern, Dose, Menace, Luca and the artist album from major star Trei. On top of this it has also been home to releases from some of the worlds most exciting international Drum and Bass artists like Calibre, Klute, Need For Mirrors, S.P.Y., Soul Intent, Mosus, Zero T, Eveson & Nymfo.The first Samurai Music label compilation 'Way Of The Samurai' was released in 2009 to critical acclaim and the label has come to be regarded as the leading label for exposing new New Zealand Drum and Bass talent alongside like minded international producers. Samurai Music and it's deeper more experimental offshoot Samurai Red Seal strive to be always on the cutting edge of the Drum and Bass soundscape and to build into the future as a consistent sign of quality.DJ Presha regularly takes the Samurai music vision to audiences around the globe with his highly popular Samurai Music radio shows, official podcasts and club DJ sets where the Samurai sound is fully realized. Watch for appearances all around Europe in 2011, and please get in touch for any booking enquiries in that region from March 2011 on.Demos - Please send to label aim (aol instant messenger) at SAMURAINZ or email links to


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