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Julian Lennon


Julian Lennon (born Liverpool, UK, 8 April 1963), the elder son of the late Beatle John Lennon, debuted as a singer/songwriter in 1984 at age 20 with the album Valotte selling 1.5 million copies. After four more albums and generating millions in sales, Julian became frustrated with the music business, his record company and the lack of control he had over his music and career. In spite of his commercial success, in the mid 90s he decided it was time to walk away from the business. He returned in 1999 as an independent artist with his self released fifth album, Photograph Smile.

Albums Julian Lennon

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  • Help Yourself

  • The Secret Value Of Daydreaming

  • Valotte

  • VH1 Behind the Music: The Julian Lennon Collection

  • Photograph Smile

  • Saltwater

  • Mr. Jordan