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The Shadows


There were two projects at least known as The Shadows. One was a roots reggae outfit that cut a few 7"s on Trojan Records. The other one is covered in detail below. The Shadows were the fore-runners of the guitar bands of the British pop scene of the swinging sixties. They began as the Drifters in the late fifties but changed the name to the Shadows to avoid confusion with an American group with the same name.

Albums The Shadows

34 played on Radionomy

  • Shades Of Rock

  • Dance On

  • Shadows Are Go!

  • Shadows - The Collection

  • Dance With The Shadows/The Sound Of The Shadows

  • The Final Tour

  • The Platinum Collection

  • The Final Collection (disc 1)

  • More Hits!

  • The Best of The Shadows

  • The Early Years 1959-1966

  • The Sound Of The Shadows

  • The Very Best Of The Shadows

  • Jigsaw

  • The Shadows Collection

  • The Shadows/Out Of The Shadows

  • From Hank, Bruce, Brian And John

  • 20 Golden Greats

  • The Shadows' Greatest Hits

  • The Shadows

  • Out Of The Shadows

  • 50 Golden Greats (disc 2)

  • 50 Golden Greats (disc 1)

  • Dance With The Shadows

  • 20 years of the Shadows

  • At Their Very Best

  • Shadow Music

  • Themes and Dreams

  • Reflection

  • Steppin' to the Shadows

  • Another String Of Hot Hits And More

  • Moonlight Shadows

  • String of Hits

  • Apache