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There are at least 6 groups named Trust. (1) Probably the best-known French band, created in France in 1977 by Bernie Bonvoisin and Norbert Krief. The band disbanded in 1984, but have often reformed for one off shows and have been more steadily active since 1996. Their most famous song, "Antisocial", was covered by Anthrax on their album State Of Euphoria. Anthrax also covered "Le Sectes" under the title "Sects", heard on Attack Of The Killer B's.

Albums Trust

22 played on Radionomy

  • Man's trap - Par compromission - Version Anglaise

  • 13 A Table

  • Toujours Parmi Nous

  • Almost Everything

  • Soulagez-Vous Dans Les Urnes

  • Nobody's Angel: Lifetime as the Don Trust

  • Les Indispensables de Trust

  • Ni dieu ni maître

  • Anti Best Of

  • Best of Trust

  • A Live

  • Tour 97

  • Europe et haines

  • The Back Sides

  • (Repression dans l'Hexagone)

  • Prends pas ton flingue

  • Paris by Night

  • Rock 'n' Roll

  • Marche ou Crève

  • Répression

  • Repression

  • Trust