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Louis Chedid


Correct spelling for this artist is Louis Chédid. Louis Chédid was born in Egypt, in Ismailia (a town which lies on the banks of the Suez Canal) on 1 January 1 1948. Louis's parents left their homeland just a couple of years after their son's birth, however, so the young boy was raised in Paris not Egypt. Louis spent a happy childhood in Paris, growing up in a highly stimulating home environment - his mother, Andrée, a French woman who was brought up in the Middle East, is a writer; his father, Louis, a scientist and practicing doctor.

Albums Louis Chedid

11 played on Radionomy

  • Pote

  • Un Ange Passe

  • CD Story

  • Bouc bel air

  • Entre Nous

  • Anna Ma Soeur Anne - Louis Chedid

  • Repondez-Moi

  • Ces mots sont pour toi

  • Collection Or

  • Zap

  • Bravo à Louis Chedid