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Rina Ketty (* 1911 in Turin; † 16 December 1996 in Cannes; actual name Rina Piccheto) was a french chansoniste. Rina Ketty went to Paris in the 30s. In 1938 and 1939, she made her breakthrough with songs like Sombreros et mantilles and J'attendrai. Despite the popularity of these Chansons during World War II, she was not able to stay in the spotlights after 1945. In 1954 she moved to Canada and in 1965 she returned to France but was unable to revive her pre-war success. In 1991 the French minister of culture Jack Lang awarded her the medal Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

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A musical journey through the era of the 78 RPM record (1900-1958) Un voyage musical dans l'époque du 78 tours (1900-1958) Een muzikale reis door het 78-toerenplaten tijdperk (1900-1958)

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RETRO FM la seule radio française à vous proposer le meilleur de la chanson française des années 30 40 50 & 60/70

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