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JOZZI HOLLARAN- Jozzi is a dedicated Raver being almost six years in the scene with a dedication to the music directed from the passion in her heart. A short entail of Jozzi could be described as the Raver Bunny upfront in fluffies with that spark in her eye connecting with the music & igniting energy like no other. Jozzi's collaboration creating Kamikaze came as a public demand as the people of the Rave scene seek'd a new identity to create the ear-ways of the strong lifts & heavy drops of Hardstyle.DANNY SMITH- Danny is one of those true Ravers sharing a P.L.U.R attitude with an undeniable affection for the concepts & love of the Rave scene. A sailor moon fluffy wearing Raver Bunny with a surrounding Hardstyler ambience, watch as Danny shuffles and meets the music in a bridge of freedom expressing her connection in each step with the music. Danny's prominent respected reputation saw her path from a Raver in the front row to behind the spinning wheels of Hardstyle to now give her people the same music freedom as she once received.KAMIKAZE- Is the forces of Jozzi & Danny combined releasing intensified powerful tsunami strength waves of Hardstyle to the thousands caught in the rip-tide of the heavy beats & melodies. Through a friendship originally created within the walls of the people and the music, now after many years later their family bond to themselves and the scene has evolved to a level of connection which is felt with no words to describe. The fusion of these two powerful entities have created a new figure on the Dj circuit, a new ambassador of the people & the music, the new gatekeepers of Hardstyle, we present to you KAMIKAZE.


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