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Run Level Zero

Run Level Zero

Run Level Zero is a Swedish electro-industrial group formed in January 1999 by Hans Åkerman and Fredrik Solenberg. Current line-up is Hans Åkerman (vocals), Ville Hising (keyboards) and Ola Sundell (live drums).1999Run Level Zero was formed in January 1999 in Stockholm/Sweden by Hans Åkerman and Fredrik Solenberg. By that time they had already been making music together during four years under different names and musical directions.2000In August 2000 Run Level Zero signed with indie label DSBP for the North American market. The very first live appearance for Run Level Zero took place in September as they were opening for Psyche in Linköping, Sweden. The label Memento Materia was present at the gig and signed Run Level Zero for the rest of the world shortly afterwards.2001In January 2001 Run Level Zero went into the studio to record their highly anticipated debut album Symbol of Submission, which also was released in August the same year. By the end of the year Run Level Zero got the opportunity to support VNV Nation on the Future Perfect tour in Europe.2002In March 2002 Run Level Zero was awarded 'Best Newcomer of the Year ' at the Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards (SAMA). Meanwhile the MCD In Between was released in Europe. Experimenting was being done with electric guitar and acoustic drums on stage. In August this year Fredrik Solenberg decided to leave the band. Run Level Zero went back to being an all electronic outfit. In late September new member Ville Hising joined the band.2003Run Level Zero once again entered the studio to record new material for the Walk the psycho(path) album. In May producer Kristian Pettersson (known for producing bands like Cat Rapes Dog, S.P.O.C.K and Elegant Machinery) joined in to assist in the final production.2004January 2004 Minuswelt signs Run Level Zero for Germany/Austria/Switzerland - finally good distribution in Europe for RLZ. The album [[Walk the Psycho[path\]\]\] was released world wide by DSBP/Memento Materia and Minuswelt. Minuswelt also re-released the RLZ debut Symbol of Submission. Live drummer Ola Sundell joined the crew.In the autumn of 2004 Run Level Zero went on a European tour with Assemblage 23 and Rotersand. Countries toured were Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Switzerland and Austria. On the tour RLZ brought their new EP And Thus We Walked. The disc featured three brand new songs and remixes from Interlace, Rotersand and X-Fusion.2005Run Level Zero started to record their 3rd studio album - this time with producer Oscar Holter and Lars Andersson doing some guitar work.During the year Run Level Zero did gigs in Denmark, Norway, Germany and other countries as well as doing remixes for Orange Sector, Pzychobitch and others.2006The year started out with the fantastic US Tour together with Moulin Noir and continued with gigs in Madrid and Sweden.The third album Arctic Noise was finalized with some help from producer Kristian Petterson.


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