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Marco V


From well-known tracks like 'Indicator', 'Simulated' and 'Godd' through to present-day productions such as 'Second Bite', 'More Than A Life Away' and 'Red Blue Purple', and his successful updates of widely regarded classics such as 'Café Del Mar' and 'Loops & Tings Relooped', Marco V's discography is considerably extensive. On the decks he develops his personal style, incorporating anything from electro to techno.

Albums Marco V

19 played on Radionomy

  • Sessions

  • Dudak

  • Possible, but Unlikely / Universal Enemy

  • Simulated

  • Second Byte (UK mixes)

  • 200V UK EP

  • 200V

  • False Light

  • Godd

  • In Charge

  • Con:Fusion album sampler

  • Second Bite - Part 1

  • Second Bite - Part 2

  • More Than A Life Away

  • Echnalava / Godschild

  • Electro Trance

  • Confusion (disc 2)

  • Con:Fusion

  • Live at Innercity