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There are three known bands using the name Galleon: 1. a progressive rock band hailing from Sweden and 2. a French dance group. 3. a four-piece indie rock group based in Adelaide, Australia. 1. Galleon started as a three piece named Aragon back in ´85 , experimenting with different kind of music and musicians , but never really found the "right" feeling. . . Because Micke Värn, guitars - Göran Fors, bass and Vocals and Dan Fors, drums had the idea , they wanted at least to document their sweat and blood in composing the music they believed in under so many years , just in case . . .

Albums Galleon

10 played on Radionomy

  • One Sign

  • From Land to Ocean (disc 1: The Land)

  • From Land to Ocean (disc 2)

  • So I Begin

  • Galleon

  • Beyond Dreams

  • Mind Over Matter

  • The All European Hero

  • King of Aragon

  • Lynx