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What is ViceVersa?? ViceVersa is more than just a music group that two niggas are in who both just so happened to like music alot. No. We are more than just a music group. We are and represent a generation. A generation of new kind of sound, style, and flava. In our opinion, with most artists, music is made. When it comes to ViceVersa....our music is born! It is born within our hearts so it'll have the TRUE feeling. It is born on the paper of that which we write on.Lil Era a.K.a. Lyndon Foster: Representin the great state of New York. Most of His family are from Trinidad and Tobago. He is a smooth rapper and clean brotha who has a way with words. His rhyme scheme is mad dope and vicious! The way he puts words together is outta this world amazing. He is the truth, the fire, the backbone, and the founder of ViceVersa.He is a member of the elite show choir at Trinity High School, Harmony.D'Suede a.K.a. D'Von Hawthorne: He as well is reppin the great state of New York, Fort Greene Brooklyn to be exact. He is cool, calm and collected young cat who is all about his music. When he sings you mistake it for an angel. Most of his family hails from Africa and the Dominican Republic. His unique style and his word play is off the chain dope and fresh. He, as well, is also a member of the elite show choir at Trinity High School, Harmony.Some of you may be reading and still be asking yourselves the same question............what is ViceVersa?? Everything you need to know about us is in our music. Our inspiration comes from anyhwere and everything we see and hear. Our thoughts, our passion and our love of music is ENDLESS and it's what keeps us going through the day. We ARE music. Musis IS us! With most artists you only listen to their music. With ViceVersa not only do you hear our music, but you FEEL it! In your heart, your soul, your mind, your skin, and everywhere. We come to the world with a whole new spin on how things work. We come to bring what everybody is asking for.............REAL music! We are forever! We are dominating! We are the new beginning! We are ?ViceVersa and we are here to stay!! You aint seen nothin yet! ;)


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