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Laure Pester, known professionally as simply Lorie, born on May 2nd 1982, is a French pop singer well known within the Francophonie. Her first single "Près de moi" was released as a free download and became a big hit. The success of this song led Sony Music France to offer Lorie a record deal. Her first album "Près de Toi" was released in 2001 and met enourmous success. It is certified three times platinum for selling over a million copies. The sound of her debut album, teen and bubblegum pop, led the critics to dub Lorie as the Britney Spears of France.

Albums Lorie

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  • Toute Seule

  • 2Lor En Moi

  • Rester la même / Attitudes

  • Rester la même

  • Best of

  • C'Est Plus Fort Que Moi (Édition Limitée)

  • Week End Live Tour

  • Week-End Tour

  • Lorie Live Tour

  • Ensorcelée

  • La Positive Attitude (Edition Limitée)

  • La Positive Attitude

  • Attitudes

  • Week End

  • Week End (Édition Limitée)

  • Sur Un Air Latino

  • Tendrement

  • Près de toi

  • Près De Moi